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Aids and equipment

Home care packages are not intended to be an aids and equipment scheme. However, some aids and equipment, including custom made aids, can be provided when they are identified in your care plan and the item can be provided within the budget available for the package.

Package funds can also be used towards a motorised wheelchair or motorised scooter. However, given the high cost of these items, it is expected they would be leased rather than bought.

The package funds are capped. Where possible, the cost of any aids and equipment must be met within the package funds. If there are not enough funds in the package, you will need to pay any additional costs.

If package funds are used to buy, or contribute towards the cost of, aids and equipment such as a motorised wheelchair or scooter, there needs to be clear documentation between you and the service provider as to:

  • whether it is leased or who owns the item
  • what will happen to it when you leave the package
  • who is responsible for ongoing maintenance and repair costs.

The agreed responsibilities must be written down and included in your home care agreement.

You can also use state-based aids and equipment programs and access specialised aids and equipment schemes where there is a need for support.

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Last reviewed: 19 December, 2016.