If you’ve had a look to see what services might be available and you want to know more about how to apply and what’s involved in the assessment process, this section is for you. 

The first stage is to find out if you are eligible for subsidised aged care. This involves a two-part assessment process that understands your needs and what services could help you. It starts with a simple eligibility check which you can do online or over the phone followed by an in-person assessment.

New to My Aged Care? You need to get assessed. Here's how:

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Check your eligibility and apply

The first step to access government-funded aged care services is to check your eligibility for an assessment. You can do this online, or you can call our friendly and knowledgeable contact centre staff to talk about your needs on 1800 200 422

Please note: If you have previously registered with My Aged Care, you cannot apply for an assessment online and will need to call My Aged Care.

Check if you are eligible for an assessment
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Have your assessment

If your application is successful, you will be referred for an assessment. Assessments are done in person, at your own home.

How to prepare for assessment
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Find out your assessment outcome

After your assessment, you will find out if you’re eligible for government-funded services – and if so, which ones you're eligible for.

What happens after assessment
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New to aged care? 

Wondering what My Aged Care is or how to get started?

You can find the answers here

Applying for an assessment quote from Wendy, 58, Mt Barker It was clear where I could add my mothers point of view and mine. It was easy. I was surprised how easy. When the assessor called we could provide additional information. From online to offline was smooth.

I’ve already recommended the process to someone else. I told her what to do and how simple it was.
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Name and age:
Wendy, 58, Mt Barker
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Find out when to get reassessed

Your previous assessment would have been based on the needs that you had at that time. However, circumstances can change.

What to do if your needs change

Need some help?

I have questions

If you need some help, the My Aged Care team can answer most of your questions over the phone. 

Call 1800 200 422

An advocate for my rights 

Advocacy services ensure that the rights of anyone receiving or seeking aged care services are supported. They also make it easier to make decisions about care.

Read more about advocacy

Someone to talk on my behalf

A friend or a family member can speak on your behalf by becoming your representative.

Read more about representatives

Support for all  

Information and support is available to help people of all backgrounds, languages and situations to access the help they need. This includes LGBTI, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, veterans, and more.

Read more about accessible support