One of the most common questions people ask at the start of their aged care journey is: “How can I receive government-subsidised aged care services?” 

You may be eligible if you have:  

  • noticed a change in what you can do or remember 
  • been diagnosed with a medical condition or reduced mobility 
  • experienced a change in family care arrangements, or 
  • experienced a recent fall or hospital admission. 

To find out if you are eligible for services, the first step is to have an assessment. Assessments are done in person, usually at your own home. 

Our eligibility checker helps you quickly check if you meet the requirements for an assessment before you apply. Click the button below to start checking. 

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Find out if you are eligible

Who qualifies for assessment?

To qualify for assessment, you must meet some needs and age requirements. These check: 

  • how much assistance you need with some everyday tasks 
  • that you are 65 years or older (50 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people). 

Note: If you are on a low income, homeless or at risk of being homeless, and aged 50 years or older (45 years or older for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people), please call the My Aged Care contact centre on 1800 200 422 to discuss your situation. 

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How do I apply for an assessment?

If you meet the requirements, you can apply for an assessment online. A trained assessor will then call you to arrange a time to visit you at home to carry out an assessment. They will talk to you about your circumstances and needs and work with you to identify what services might suit you best.

Ready to check if you meet the requirements for an assessment? Click Check now.

Applying for an assessment quote from Terry, 83, Perth Knowing government websites, it could have been difficult, but I found the process very very simple and straightforward. The application is in two parts, and the first part told you what you need in the second part. It wasn’t at all confusing because each page was very simple.

Even if you're not familiar with online applications, it shouldn’t be difficult. Just try it, it’s a piece of cake.
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Name and age:
Terry, 83, Perth
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What if I’m not eligible?

If you find that you are not eligible for an assessment and want more information, you can call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to discuss your situation.

You may also want to consider looking at providers who are not government-funded.

Alternatively, there are online tools that provide information to help support your physical health and mental wellbeing. Read more about how to stay fit, well, and independent for longer by visiting our Healthy ageing page.