If you are a health or aged care professional, the Make a referral tool is for you. It allows you to refer patients or clients for their first aged care assessment — to determine their eligibility for government-funded aged care services.

You can’t refer patients or clients for a specific type of care or support, only for an assessment. The tool can only be used to refer new patients or clients to My Aged Care, not to request a reassessment.

Who should use Make a referral?

Make a referral supports health and aged care professionals to refer patients or clients for their first aged care assessment.

People who should use this form include:

  • hospital professionals and admin staff
  • GPs, medical specialists and nurses
  • community health professionals
  • aged care service providers
  • community workers.

GPs and other healthcare providers can also use e-Referrals directly from their practice management systems.

If the person you are referring has registered previously, you can help them call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to discuss any changes in circumstance/care needs. (Aged care service providers, please call 1800 836 799)

Who shouldn't use Make a referral?

Anyone who isn't a health or aged care professional. If you want to apply for an assessment for the first time for yourself, a family member or a friend, please use the Apply for an assessment tool.

What do I need?

When you complete a referral, you will need to provide details about your patient or client.

Please have the following information ready:

  • their Medicare or DVA details
  • their personal information, including their date of birth and contact details.

How long will it take?

The Make a referral form takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. However, you have up to 60 minutes to complete the form in case you get interrupted. After this, the form will reset to protect the privacy of your patient or client.

Tip: Select ‘Remember me’ if you want the form to prefill your contact information next time you make a referral.

Keep in mind

When making a referral, please remember to:

  • include all required information, including any relevant attachments, in the correct format
  • make sure you enter your patient or client name as it appears on their Medicare card
  • include your primary contact details.

Note: If you provide accurate details, we can review the application quicker. Unclear or incomplete information can cause delays in a patient or client receiving an assessment. A copy of the referral will be made available to your patient or client.

What happens after a referral?

If all relevant information is included in your referral, we will send it to an aged care assessment organisation. However, if we need more information, we may contact you or the patient or client to confirm the information provided.

Once the referral information is confirmed, an assessor will call your patient or client to organise an aged care assessment, within 2 to 6 weeks. Your patient or client will also receive a My Aged Care Welcome Pack in the mail.

Please let your patient or client know they may be contacted by My Aged Care or an assessor.

Read about the assessment process.

How can I organise urgent services for a patient or client?

If your patient or client needs services urgently (which, if not met immediately, may place them at risk), you can refer them directly to a service provider. For example, if they have an immediate need for nursing, personal care, transport, grocery shopping, or meals. If longer-term care is needed, the service provider will refer the patient or client to My Aged Care for an assessment for ongoing care.

Note: Referral to aged care services should not take the place of post-acute services.