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Extra and additional fees for aged care homes

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Extra and additional service fees may apply if you choose a higher standard of accommodation, meals or other care or services. This is in addition to:

  • the basic daily fee
  • a means-tested care fee
  • accommodation costs.

Your aged care home can tell you the fees that apply. Extra service fees should be advertised by the aged care home and any extra service or additional fees outlined in your resident agreement. You should also get an itemised account of any additional service fees you have paid.

Some fees may be optional, while others may be part of a standard package of additional services to all residents for which a standard fee is charged.

There are two types of extra fees:

  • extra service fees for aged care homes with extra service status
  • additional fees for other care or services that are in addition to those that the home must provide to you.

Extra service fees

Extra service fees apply if you have an aged care place with extra service status. These fees must be published. The Department grants extra service status to these places. Some shared rooms can also have extra service status.

There are rules about the amount of fees that you can be charged for extra service status and these fees must be published. These fees are charged on a daily basis, and can be paid up to a month in advance as agreed with your aged care home.

Additional fees

You cannot be charged additional fees for other care or services that you do not receive a direct benefit for or that cannot be used for care or services that the aged care home is required to provide by law.


Department of Human Services please call 132 300 or 1800 227 475 (for regional callers).



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Last reviewed: 12 April, 2017.