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Planning ahead

Prepare and be more in control of your future by planning ahead and thinking about what aged care help you may need.

Here are some topics to think about.

Medical matters

Talk to your doctor or health professional about changes to your health or other medical matters. If it is an emergency and you need urgent help call '000'.

Research how aged care works

If you don't need aged care yet, it's a good idea to research how aged care works so you are prepared if your needs change suddenly.

Starting the conversation about aged care

Talking about your own, or a family member's, aged care can be hard, but starting the conversation will make the process easier for you and your family.

Privately funded services

If you're not yet eligible for government funded services or there are no services available in your area, you can access private services at any time.

Finances and aged care financial advice

It's important to plan ahead for your finances and get help and guidance on money matters or some aged care financial advice.

Register with myGov

When you call My Aged Care, our contact centre can create you a client record so you won't have to retell your story on multiple occasions. If you have a client record with My Aged Care you can access your client record using myGov.

My Health Record

Register for a My Health Record so that you and your doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers can view and share your health information, to provide you with the best possible care.

Legal information and knowing your rights

Read our legal information to learn more about your rights and get support in managing your affairs, like setting up a power of attorney so someone you trust can make decisions for you.

Healthy and active ageing

Being healthy, physically active and socially engaged has many benefits, especially as you grow older.

Caring for someone

Caring for someone can be challenging and rewarding, and from time to time, carers may need some extra help and support.

End-of-life care

It’s important to plan ahead for the type of care we want at the end of our lives. Read about end-of-life care for information on planning and available support services for older people nearing the end of their life. This includes access to specialist palliative care services.

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Last reviewed: 14 May, 2018.