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End of life care

It is one of the certainties of life that one day, each of us, will pass away. For some, circumstances may exist where we can, with our families and friends, make the necessary preparations and seek to be as comfortable as possible during this final stage of life.

There are many different types of aged care services that can offer assistance for older people and their families and carers, whether at home or while in an aged care home. You might want to consider using these services to give you some extra help when you, or a person you care for, is approaching their end of life.

If you are caring for someone, there are ways you can help them feel as comfortable as possible during this stage. This may include providing emotional, social, cultural and spiritual support to both the person and the people around them, such as their family and carers.

Being a carer can be challenging, but as a loved one moves towards the end of their life, the emotional and physical stress and challenge can increase. It is important to understand that there are services for carers that can provide additional assistance during this time. This could include counselling or the assistance necessary to allow you to have a short break from your caring role (respite care).

Planning for end of life

For someone nearing the end of their life, aged care services may be able to provide additional help and support. Read more about planning for end of life.

Palliative care

Palliative care aims to achieve the best quality of life for the person with a life-limiting illness and provide support for their family and carers.

Palliative care for diverse needs

People with diverse cultural needs can access palliative care that addresses how their culture feels about dying. Access palliative care for diverse needs.

Advance care planning

An advanced care plan helps you to make plans for your future medical treatment and care needs. Learn what is included in a plan and how to arrange one.

Last reviewed: 30 June, 2015.