Omar was living by himself when he had a fall and fractured his hip. This injury seriously affected his mobility. Even cooking his meals became a challenge.

Omar’s family was worried that he wouldn’t be able to manage on his own and that he would be lonely. He could no longer drive, which meant he couldn’t meet his friends at his book club or go to his favourite café.

Omar contacted My Aged Care for an assessment. They assessed him for a package of help at home services. The assessor told Omar that the package would not be available immediately. In the meantime, however, he could access some other services. The assessor arranged for a care worker to clean Omar’s house once a week. They also organised an occupational therapist to come over twice a week, to help him build strength and regain his mobility.

One of the care workers suggested that Omar buy some lighter pots and pans to help make cooking easier. Since Omar was missing his book club, one of the care workers also showed Omar how to order and get books delivered home from his local library.

All this support had a positive impact on Omar's life. A few months later, My Aged Care informed Omar that his package of services was available. Omar chose a provider, who met with him and his family to discuss his care plan. Omar said he would like to stick with the same care worker and occupational therapist who were already helping him. He also wanted to buy a walker and arrange for transport to and from his coin collecting club. The provider agreed that these activities fitted within Omar’s overall budget and were covered as part of his package. They started to deliver the agreed care and services.

In time, Omar was walking again—with the help of a walker—to the local coffee shop to meet his friends. He was also able to get back to cooking, using his new pots and pans. For the first time in months, he was feeling like himself again.