Phuong and Harry's story

When Phuong’s husband Harry began experiencing incontinence and muscle weakness, she became his full-time carer. But after a while, her own health began to suffer, due to the pressure of her caring duties and lack of sleep. Phuong found it hard to balance her caring duties with other daily activities such as tai chi at the community centre.

After calling My Aged Care for help and having Harry assessed, services were arranged to meet Harry’s needs and to provide support to Phuong as his carer.

Continence aids and physiotherapy were organised to help Harry with his incontinence and muscle weakness. This helped reduce the amount of support he needed from Phuong.

The assessor also referred Harry to a respite care provider. Harry was able to get two hours respite care at home per fortnight. This gave Phuong time to get back to her tai chi, which made her happier and more relaxed.