George and Mei's story

George had always been an active person. But after many months of caring for his wife Mei, he began to feel run down. Mei had dementia, and as her condition worsened, she started relying on George much more. George realised he and Mei needed some extra support.

Through My Aged Care, 82-year-old Mei was assessed for services that could give her some in-home support and give George some time to himself as the carer.

Initially, Mei was referred to a respite care provider who arranged for someone to care for her at home, once a week. When the respite carer came, George was able to catch up with his friends at the RSL – something he really missed.

Later, George and Mei discussed with My Aged Care their need for additional supports for Mei. Together, George and Mei chose a provider, who arranged an occupational therapist to help Mei plan her daily routine.

Mei was also given the choice to have a personal care worker to help her with showering, getting dressed, and taking medication. Mei and George met with quite a few personal care workers and got on best with Mahelet.

Mahelet started visiting Mei five times a week, at a time of day that suited them all.

Spending time with his friends and taking a break from his caring role worked wonders for George’s health and wellbeing. Mei was also happy to have some extra support and not have to rely on George as much. My Aged Care was also able to link Mei to some dementia-specific information and supports.

The help Mei and George received was a huge relief to them both and helped improve their outlook and relationship.