In the Support Networks section of your Online Account, you can see a list of people involved in your aged care needs. This includes people you trust to act as your representative.

If you need to remove a regular representative, you can also do that here. If you are someone’s representative, you can also access and manage their account here.

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Online Account: Support Networks

Watch this video to learn what you can see and do in the Support Networks section of your My Aged Care Online Account.

NARRATOR: Welcome to your My Aged Care Online Account.

Support networks.

The 'Support networks' page lists the people who support you, such as representatives, agents, and emergency contacts. This page also lists the people you support and provides a history of relationships that have ended or have been declined.

You can request a support relationship, such as a representative, using the 'Create relationship' button at the top of the page. You can also remove a relationship using the red icon on the tile.

If you are a support person, such as a representative, you can see the information of the person you are supporting on this page in the ‘People I support’ tab. You can operate their Online Account as if it were your own, by selecting their name.

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To learn more about other sections of the Online Account and how to use them, visit the How to use your Online Account page.