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2. Research home care providers and work out the costs

After you have been assessed as eligible for a home care package, follow this pathway to access and manage your services:

Receive the outcome of your assessment Research providers and work out costs Be assigned a home care package Enter into a home care agreement Manage your services

While you are waiting for a package to be assigned to you, you should start to research approved home care providers in your local area and work out the costs associated with your care.

Research home care providers

Research approved home care providers to find out:

  • how they can best service your needs
  • the fees payable
  • the charges for care and services and what they mean
  • if they charge an exit amount
  • any additional services they offer.

You can get help to find providers in your local area with help from your assessor, by using the service finder or calling My Aged Care on 1800 200 422.

You can follow the Researching home care providers checklist, also translated into 18 languages.

Meeting with providers

Each provider is different, so meeting them will help you understand what you can expect. You’ll also be able to see what types of care, services and activities they offer. Some questions you can ask potential providers:

  • What services they offer and how much will the services cost?
  • Do they cater for any special requirements such as language and cultural diversity?
  • Where and when will they provide support?
  • Who will provide services?
  • What other amounts will be charged to your home care package fund and what do these cover?
  • What, if any, exit amount is payable if you change providers?
  • What checks do they complete to ensure quality service?

Find quality services

It is important to think about quality when looking for aged care services. You are encouraged to talk to a number of services to check which ones will best suit your care needs. There are tools and information available to help you find quality services and check the quality of aged care including:

Work out the costs

If you are being assessed for a home care package, follow these steps to work out your costs.

1. Estimate costs

If you are assessed as eligible for a home care package you can use the fee estimator to help calculate your costs.

2. Arrange for an income assessment

You may need to have an income assessment and should arrange this as soon as possible as this process takes time. Read about the income assessment process.

Your income assessment will let you know if you need to pay an income-tested care fee.

3. Find out about providers' costs

Find information about different service providers' charges for the care and services under a home care package from the service finder or by talking to providers.

Your service provider may ask you to pay:

  1. a basic daily fee (which everyone can be asked to pay)
  2. an income-tested care fee (worked out by the Department of Human Services)
  3. fees for additional care or services not covered by your home care package

You will need to discuss and agree to any fees with your service provider before you receive services.

Other information about costs

How to complain about costs

If you, your carer, or anyone else is concerned about what you are paying for services, you can make a complaint to your provider first, or the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.



After you have researched providers and understand the costs of your care, the next step is be assigned a home care package.

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Last reviewed: 31 December, 2018.