Rosa was 68 years old when she had a stroke that left her with very little function in her left arm. Rosa had always been independent and social, but after her stroke, she found that she needed help with most things, including cooking. It upset her that she couldn’t even make a cup of tea by herself. She felt helpless and stopped inviting her friends over.

Rosa’s son suggested she contact My Aged Care for an assessment to see if she could get some help. She met with an assessor who referred her to an equipment provider.

The provider suggested some simple aids such as a kettle fitted onto a tipper that could help Rosa safely make her own cup of tea. They also suggested that Rosa buy a microwave to cook or re-heat simple meals.

Over the next few weeks, the support worker helped Rosa gain confidence with the microwave and the kettle. After a few months, she was comfortable making herself a cuppa, and was more independent with her cooking. She became more confident and hopeful, and soon enough she was inviting friends over again. Rosa’s son was delighted to see his mother’s renewed sense of self and independence.

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