Fatima's story

Fatima lived with Parkinson’s disease, and was starting to find it harder to exercise. After Fatima’s husband passed away, life became much more challenging. Not only was she lonely, but she also started getting confused about when to take her medication.

Fatima contacted My Aged Care to find out if she could get some help. An assessor came to Fatima’s house and referred her to a nursing service. A nurse came by to teach her the best time of day to take her medication. She also set Fatima up with a daily roster to help her remember. The nurse then came over weekly, for four weeks, to provide extra support while Fatima was getting used to her new system.

Fatima was also referred to a social support provider. The worker suggested a group exercise class to help improve her mental and physical fitness and connect with other people. While Fatima liked the idea, she wasn’t comfortable in big groups. She explained this to the provider, who referred Fatima to an online exercise group instead. This way, she was able to take part from the comfort of her home and still get the social and physical benefits of the class.

These small changes made Fatima feel more energised and positive. Getting on top of her medications took a big weight off her shoulders, and the exercise made her stronger. It also helped manage some of her symptoms. After a few months, she resumed her weekly coffee catch-up with her close friend Mariam—something she hadn’t been able to do for a long time.