Eleanor's story

Eleanor lived with vision impairment for years, but she had always managed to get by with her husband Dan’s support. However, after Dan passed away, Eleanor’s world changed, and living on her own became very hard. She had trouble moving around the house and doing basic tasks.

Eleanor’s daughter and GP suggested she consider moving into an aged care home, but Eleanor wanted to continue living in her own house. So, her GP referred her to My Aged Care for an assessment.

An assessor met with Eleanor to discuss her needs and goals. The assessor referred her to a service provider who installed tactile markings in her house. These textured surfaces helped Eleanor guide herself safely around her home.

Eleanor also received some equipment to help with her low vision. This included a magnifier, an accessible mobile phone, and a screen reader for her computer. These simple changes made Eleanor much more confident to move around her house—a big relief for her and her daughter.