Demetri's story

Demetri enjoyed doing chores around the house. He had some limitations due to his cerebral palsy, so he relied on his wife Elena to complete certain tasks safely. However, as they got older, Elena was not able to support him as much. As a result, Demetri no longer felt confident doing household chores. He began to feel helpless and depressed watching Elena struggle to do everything herself.

A My Aged Care assessor came to Demetri’s house to understand his situation and determine what might help. Demetri explained how much he missed being able to help Elena with everyday tasks such as hanging out the washing.

His assessor arranged for a provider to help with the washing and work with Demetri to identify which tasks he could and couldn’t do. The provider organised a trolley and a drying rack to help Demetri with moving the washing and hanging up smaller items inside.

A support worker also came by on a regular basis and encouraged Demetri to complete the washing, while helping with more difficult tasks such as hanging the sheets on the line.

Having support to help out around the home gave Demetri a renewed self-confidence, and he began to feel like himself again.

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