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Tess: My name is Tess. I lived in Canberra for 57 years.

Robert, he was a very active man, and then he became quite ill and needed special care, so these guys and girls came in to take care of him.

After Robert passed away I was fit and able, and then when I wasn’t able, a person came to assess me, they knew that I needed care.

I went onto the aged care website and I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of facilities that are available.

And now that I know that there’s transport available I would like to know everything that they have that I can maybe use.

My services have changed as a result of being in hospital this year. I needed further services, as in personal care.

Once a week I have domestic assistance and that means they come in and they’ll clean the house for me.

I don’t know about other services for other people, but certainly mine is subsidised and I pay a rate according to what I can afford and that’s wonderful.

Having these girls coming in to my home has made it possible for me to live in my home. My husband and I built this house together so my plan is to stay here and look at his picture, and he is still here… still here in spirit, yes.

Last reviewed: 4 December, 2016.