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My Aged Care Contact Centre will be closed on Good Friday - 19 April and Easter Monday – 22 April. My Aged Care Contact Centre will be open on Saturday 20 April 10am – 2pm.
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Hi. My name is Sharon, and I guess you'd call me a carer.

But when it's your mum, that's just what you do, isn't it. Mum just moved into an aged care home temporarily to recover from an operation.

A few weeks ago, she slipped and broke her hip and required surgery. My husband and I had a discussion about having Mum come and stay with us. But it was just a bit awkward, because we've got three children, and the house is full. And it's just not practical.

The nurses at the hospital were just brilliant. They were so cooperative and helpful and steered me in the right direction - where to go and what to do. And I can only be grateful for that.

I had loads of questions to enquire. Who was going to look after her for the long-term care? And particularly, most of all is the cost involved, whether or not I can afford for her to move on to another place. I was given the number of the help care line, and they put me in touch with the right people, and they arranged everything for me. It was just amazing.

They explained to me the costs and the process and helped us find an appropriate accommodation for Mum. And she actually really enjoys where she is at the moment, and it's a comfort feeling knowing that the next step - which will be down the line - that she will move into permanent residence. And it'll be more smoother. It'll be a smooth transition for her.