New Home Care Package costs checker now live

The Find a provider tool has been updated to make it easier for people to view and compare costs information.

The updates, which aim to increase transparency of provider costs, include:

  • improvements to how costs information is displayed
  • a new Home Care Package costs checker
  • the ability to compare costs against location averages.

Provider costs page is now easier to navigate

Specific costs information for each provider is now easier to find. When you view a provider in the Find a provider tool, select the costs tab. There you will see information including your annual budget, management costs and other service charges.

The provider costs page also links you to the new Home Care Package cost checker.

Using the new Costs checker

The Home Care Package costs checker can help you understand how different providers charge for their services and how this can impact the amount of care and services you receive.

The calculator estimates how many hours of common services you could receive based on:

  • the standard hourly cost of the services selected
  • the management costs
  • the value and level of your package.

Using the cost checker, you can also see how a provider’s costs compare against the average for providers in a similar location. To compare costs for multiple providers simply search by provider and compare using the comparison tool.

Helping you make informed decisions

Understanding costs can help you make an informed decision about which provider to choose. However, it is only one factor. Quality and safety are also key factors to consider when choosing an aged care provider.

The information you see in the Home Care Package costs checker is an example only. The calculations are based on the price list provided by each provider.

Once you choose a provider, you will work with them to agree on services and care that meet your needs and allocated budget.

Learn more

To see the new quick costs checker and improved provider costs page, search Home Care Package providers in your area using the Find a provider tool.

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