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Receiving help at home

Help at home: what to expect


My Aged Care can help you access support in your home and daily life to help you manage better at home and improve your wellbeing. You may be eligible to receive either individual services or a tailored package of services such as:

  • personal care like help with getting dressed
  • transport
  • simple modifications to your home, like hand rails or ramps
  • nursing, physiotherapy and other care
  • meals
  • household jobs like cleaning or gardening
  • equipment like walking frames
  • social activities.

These are provided through different types of government-funded aged care:

Entry-level support at home

Ongoing or short term care and support services through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme including planned respite, help with housework, personal care, meals and food preparation, transport, shopping, allied health and social support.

More complex support at home

There are four levels of home care package through the Home Care Packages Program. These are structured to address the level of care you need, with level 1 providing services to meet basic care needs and level 4 providing support for high level care needs.


You may be eligible for aged care services if you are an older person and you:

  • need assistance to complete everyday tasks
  • are a person with special needs
  • have an illness or dementia
  • need short-term assistance to help restore your health.

Eligibility for help at home services is determined through an aged care assessment. To find out if you are eligible for help at home services, register to be assessed.

Assessing your needs

When you call My Aged Care, the staff will ask you questions to help understand your care needs. Your answers will help them decide which type of assessment is most appropriate for you.

With your consent, the contact centre may organise for you to have a face-to-face assessment with a trained assessor.

There are two types of assessments for help at home services:

  • a basic assessment with a member of the Regional Assessment Service (RAS) for entry level support at home
  • a comprehensive assessment with a member of an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) for more complex support at home.

Find out more about how assessment works.


  • There is no cost for your assessment to determine if you are eligible to receive help at home services.
  • If you are eligible, you are expected to contribute to the cost of your care, where your personal circumstances allow.
  • You may also need a formal income assessment by the Department of Human Services before you can receive services.
  • You will need to discuss and agree to any fees and charges with your service provider before you receive services.



Find out more about how to access help at home services under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (entry level support at home) or through a Home Care Package (more complex support at home).

Last reviewed: 6 May, 2018.