Des lived a very active and independent life. He would often go out to visit his friends, and he also loved painting at home. But after taking a fall, breaking his leg, and having surgery, he was told he would be out of action for a few months.

While Des was recovering in hospital, the staff recommended he get some support for when he was back home. They referred him to My Aged Care for an assessment.

After Des’ assessment, the assessor referred him to transition care services to help him recover from his injury. The care provider arranged for a physio to come over twice a week to help him regain his strength and mobility. Des also got crutches to help him get around more easily. A care worker visited daily to help Des shower and use the toilet. This worker also helped him find a way to paint comfortably while sitting. This way, he didn’t have to strain his leg by standing, nor stop painting completely, while recovering.

Following twelve weeks of physiotherapy and support, Des was able to shower and dress himself. He was even strong enough to walk—with crutches—to his friend Debbie’s house for a chat and a cup of tea.

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