When Deepa was 86 years old, her health started to decline. In the space of six months, she had a mild heart attack and was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Due to her health issues, her energy dropped, and she became weak and less active.

Deepa called My Aged Care who arranged for an aged care assessment. When she met with the assessor, she explained her goal was to be independent enough to stay at home. She also wanted to regain her energy so she could look after her house and garden and go to her local shops.

A short-term care plan was developed to slow Deepa’s decline, build her strength, and restore her independence. A physiotherapist prescribed exercises to improve her strength. A dietician worked with her to improve her diet, to help manage her diabetes. Deepa also had handrails installed in her bathroom and around her garden to make it easier to move around.

As a result of these changes, Deepa became stronger, healthier, and more confident. After a couple of months, she was able to move around the house and garden and resume her trips to the local shops.

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