After suffering a stroke, 81-year-old Barry’s balance was badly affected, which made him lose his confidence. He stopped going out to meet friends, spending time at church, and looking after things at home. 

Barry wanted to get stronger so he could do more around the house and garden. He also wanted to resume his social life and church activities. So he contacted My Aged Care to arrange an assessment for aged care services.

An assessor came to Barry’s house and developed a support plan to help him achieve his goals.

The plan included a home maintenance service provider, who suggested ways to make his garden safer and easier to maintain. They introduced raised garden beds so Barry wouldn’t have to bend down. This meant he could enjoy his garden while reducing his workload.

The plan also included a physiotherapist to design some light exercises to follow at home. After following the physio’s exercise plan, Barry regained his balance, and was able to walk unaided at home. This gave him confidence to go out and meet his friends and get back to his church activities with his local community.