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Toufiq's story

Toufiq and Zahira are two proud grandparents who recently moved to the Central Coast of New South Wales to be closer to their grandchildren. Zahira has diabetes and her circulation isn't the best, so walking around is a bit difficult.

A specialist at the local hospital said they could consider making some changes to their home so she could get around more easily. Together with his grandson, Toufiq went online to find some more information. They found out about different home modifications that might help Zahira, and how much the government might contribute towards costs. They also found someone in the area who could help them modify their home.

Now Zahira finds it much easier to get around independently and she and Toufiq can enjoy spending time with their family, friends and community.

Toufiq's story:

  • A diabetes specialist at the hospital told Zahira that she might be eligible for some home modifications, like a ramp or rails, to make it easier for her to move about safely.
  • Toufiq and his grandson went online together and found a local organisation that could help. They also found information about how much it might cost and how much the government might contribute.
  • Toufiq read that Zahira might be eligible for subsidised health support services such as, podiatry and physiotherapy, which could help her to stay independent for longer.
  • Zahira’s English isn’t perfect and she finds it easier to read and speak Arabic, so when she contacted My Aged Care, the staff organised for an interpreter to help over the phone, free of charge. The My Aged Care contact centre staff member and interpreter talked with Zahira and answered her questions. Toufiq and Zahira also found some aged care information in Arabic on the My Aged Care website.
  • Keeping healthy and active is a big priority for Toufiq and Zahira. They have joined some local clubs and volunteer regularly. They also use social support services to attend events and meet new people in their community.

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Last reviewed: 30 June, 2015.