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Your rights during an assessment

The assessment is a chance to identify options to support your goals. You can make a decision once you have received the outcome of your assessment.

Your rights

You have the right to:

  • be treated with dignity and respect
  • information about the assessment process, to be told what is happening and why
  • talk about your own views and ideas
  • have your personal information, such as a medical history, treated in confidence
  • have someone with you during the assessment if you wish - this may be a relative, close friend or carer
  • have an interpreter, which the assessor can arrange
  • talk to an independent advocate who can help you with advice, or talk for you.

If you have concerns about the service you received during the assessment, read how you can raise your concerns. This includes a home support assessment with a RAS or a comprehensive assessment with an ACAT.

Last reviewed: 18 December, 2017.