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My name's Beatrice. Friends call me Betty, mind you. And I've been retired now for over 10 years. I live on the Gold Coast. I used to work at the local hospital as a nurse, which I loved. But you have to retire sometime, don't you?

I did lose my husband, unfortunately, three years ago. But since then, I've learned to play bridge and I'm really quite good at it. I also do the charity shops and help out there. My children live in Sydney, which is a bit hard, and my grandkids. But they come up and see me as often as they can.

But just recently I was at the bridge club. And one of my friends said to me, oh, you know, I'm so happy now. Why is that? She said, well, I went to see my doctor. And he's organised through the government for me to have a gardener that comes in and does my garden.

You know how I love my garden. And I have all my lawns neat. My garden beds are tidy. It's absolutely wonderful, because I'm on a walker now and I can't do it. And I recognise that fact. And then I thought to myself, why not?

So anyway, just recently she invited all of us to come to her house for afternoon tea in the garden, mind you. And bless her heart, she was so proud. And I thought, well, that's such a little thing that the government's doing.

But it's making so much difference to somebody like that. And I'm very pleased about the thought that one day I might need this sort of service and knowing that the government has got these options is just so great for me, because it means I can probably stay at home and so can a lot of people I know.