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Toufiq and Zahira


Hi. My name is Toufiq.

And I'm married to Zahira. We've got our grandkids, children. Recently, we moved from Victoria, Melbourne, to the south coast here. Gosford, it's a little town from central coast, actually. We moved here for we have our grandchildren, to be closer to them, and for better atmosphere, better weather, and beautiful weather.

Zahira, my wife, actually, she suffer too much from diabetes. And the circulation are very so bad, then she can't walk properly around the house, and do this, and do climbing the step. When we visit the specialist at the hospital, he advise us to maybe to get some assistance from the government as - how do you call it? - modifications for the house.

We went to the website with my grandson. This boy is very, very clever. Just he opened the website and show me a lot of things - a lot of good things. And he showed me some people around in the area - they can help us. They can come and do this, and changing that, like handy man and all that.

The internet is good, and my grandson show me how to sit with him and tell me, come, and let's sit down, and the website. I'll show you the Facebook. I'll show you this. And we'll play games, and we go here, and we go there. We'll do this.

It's really fun. I didn't know that the internet and website is only for the children. It's for adults and older people as well. It's fantastic things to be having. I'm very, very happy for that.