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Finding quality aged care services

When it comes to choosing aged care services it’s important to think about quality. When you are selecting a service provider you should ask about their quality of care, and discuss what is important to you.

Finding services

You can use the My Aged Care find a service tool to see which aged care homes are participating in the National Aged Care Quality Indicator Program. Quality indicators are just one way for service providers to collect information and measure their quality of care and services. This information can help you when you’re selecting aged care services. Some providers use other ways to measure their performance.

The quality indicators currently relate only to aged care homes. Future quality indicators will also cover home care services.

Read more about quality indicators.

About the aged care find a service tool

In the aged care homes find a service tool, look for the tick symbol with the words ‘This home participates in the voluntary National Aged Care Quality Indicator Program’. This shows which providers are participating in the program.

You can search for and compare services based on cost, location, types of care and services provided, availability of places in aged care homes or government-subsidised services.

You can also see whether the service is accredited, or if the provider has recently been issued with any sanctions or Notices of Non-Compliance.

Who can provide services to me?

The find a service tool can help you to find local services and compare the services available in your area.

You can search by location to view services based on how close they are to your community, family or friends.

When searching for aged care homes, you can select the services you are interested in, and compare them in the find a service tool by clicking ‘Compare selected’ in the list view. An example is shown below:

Compare feature in find a service

How do I find services specific to my needs?

The find a service tool can help you to locate services based on your specific needs. You can view this information in the search results by clicking on the tab ‘Services meeting particular needs’.

Services meeting particular needs tab

These needs may include:

  • language spoken at the facility
  • culturally appropriate care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • care for veterans
  • specialist dementia care
  • specific services for people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex.

Last reviewed: 11 December, 2016.