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After I had the heart attack last year, I've been struggling to do the things that I got used to doing around the house. And I don't want to go into a home, that's the last thing I want. Just want to manage on my own somewhat. I can't manage on my own anymore, as much as I want to.

I also need help to look after my wife, Norma. She had a bad fall last year and can't move around as well as she used to. After calling the Veterans Access Network, I was told I might be eligible for the assessment for Veterans Home Care, VHC services. So I ended up having the assessment done. And as a result, I was offered VHC services.

Now, someone comes to my house a couple of times a week to help me, and to do all these odd jobs I can't do on my own, like cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming. They also help me to take care of my wife when it becomes too much for me. I've also been told I may be able to get someone to look after Norma when I go to my granddaughter's wedding later in the year.