Notices of Non-compliance and Sanctions in Ashmore Retreat

Service Provider: Shalimah Aust Pty Ltd


Status Status Archived
Sanctions applied Sanctions applied 1. Adviser Revocation of approved provider status, unless an adviser, approved by the Commonwealth, is appointed by the approved provider for a period of 6 months, to assist the approved provider to comply with their responsibilities in relation to care and services. NOTE: This sanction expires on 19 October 2014 unless lifted earlier. 2. No subsidy The approved provider is not eligible to receive Australian Government subsidies for any new care recipients for a period of 3 months. NOTE: This sanction expires on 19 July 2014 unless lifted earlier. 3. Training Revocation of approved provider status, unless the approved provider agrees to provide relevant training within 6 months, at its expense, for its officers, employees and agents to support them in meeting the needs of care recipients. NOTE: This sanction expires on 19 October 2014 unless lifted earlier.
Sanctions date Sanctions date 20/04/2014
Expiry date Expiry date 19/10/2014
Reason(s) for sanction Reason(s) for sanction The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (the Quality Agency) provided the Department of Social Services (the Department) with a report that identified serious risk at the service. The Department identified serious issues of concern including: 1. Residents' diabetes are not managed in accordance with medical directives. 2. Residents are not receiving nutrition and hydration consistent with assessed needs. 3. There are insufficient staff to meet the needs of residents.
Current status of service Current status of service The Department and the Quality Agency are continuing to monitor the Service. The Resident and Relative meeting was held on 30 April 2014. An adviser has been appointed at the service. On 7 May 2014, the Quality Agency made a decision that serious risk at the Service had been resolved. On 19 July 2014, sanction 2 expired.