Notices of Non-compliance and Sanctions in John Cani Estate Aged Hostel

Service Provider: The Roman Catholic Trust Corporation for the Diocese of Rockhampton


Status Status Archived
Sanctions applied Sanctions applied Sanction 1 Approval as an approved provider of aged care services revoked unless a nurse adviser is appointed for a period of 6 months. Sanction 2 Vary the allocation of places to restrict high care residents being admitted for a period of 3 months.
Sanctions date Sanctions date 11/01/2006
Expiry date Expiry date 11/07/2006
Reason(s) for sanction Reason(s) for sanction The Agency identified serious risk, in relation to Expected Outcomes 1.1 Continuous Improvement, 1.6 Human Resource Management and 1.8 Information Systems The Department determined that there was an immediate and severe risk to the health, safety, or well-being of residents.
Current status of service Current status of service Sanction 1 (appointment of a nurse adviser) expired on 11 July 2006. Sanction 2 (vary allocation of places to restrict high care residents being admitted) expired on 11 April 2006