Notices of Non-compliance, Notices to Agree and Sanctions in ACDMA Aged Hostel

Service Provider: Australian Chinese & Descendants Mutual Association Ltd

Non-Compliance Notices

Status Status Archived
Date notice sent Date notice sent 08/10/2018
Reason(s) for notice Reason(s) for notice A notice of non-compliance was issued to the approved provider for failure to meet the following Accreditation Standards set out in Schedule 2 of the Quality of Care Principles 2014:
Accreditation Standard 1: Management systems, staffing and organisational development
1.1 Continuous improvement
1.2 Regulatory compliance
1.3 Education and staff development
1.4 Comments and complaints
1.8 Information systems
Accreditation Standard 2: Health and personal care
2.1 Continuous improvement
2.2 Regulatory compliance
2.3 Education and staff development
2.7 Medication management  
2.13 Behavioural management
Accreditation Standard 3: Care recipient lifestyle
3.1 Continuous improvement
3.2 Regulatory compliance
3.3 Education and staff development
3.4 Emotional support
Accreditation Standard 4: Physical environment and safe systems
4.1 Continuous improvement
4.2 Regulatory compliance
4.3 Education and staff development
4.5 Occupational health and safety
4.6 Fire, security and other emergencies
4.7 Infection control
Outcome Outcome The Approved Provider has remedied the non-compliance.