Notices of Non-compliance, Notices to Agree and Sanctions in At Your Service Home Care

Service Provider: Primary Caring Pty Ltd

Non-Compliance Notices

Status Status Current
Date notice sent Date notice sent 20/05/2021
Reason(s) for notice Reason(s) for notice A Non-Compliance Notice was issued to the approved provider for failure to comply with the requirements under section 52M-1(1) and section 52N-1(1) of the Aged Care Act 1997. Specifically, in relation to
The requirements to comply with the following
  • Prudential Standards – Governance Standard set out under Division 4 of the Fees and Payments Principles 2014(No. 2). Under the Governance Standard an Approved provider must keep written documentation of the provider’s governance system and must modify or replace its governance system of the provider if it becomes aware that the system no longer complies with the requirements.
  • Prudential Standards – Disclosure Standard set out under Division 5 of the Fees and Payments Principles 2014 (No.2). Under the Disclosure Standard the approved provider must submit an annual prudential compliance statement that is not false or misleading
  • Permitted uses of refundable deposits – set out under section 52N-1 of the Aged Care Act 1997 and Part 6 of the Fees and Payments Principles. An approved provider must not use refundable deposits unless the use is permitted.
Outcome Outcome