Notices of Non-compliance, Notices to Agree and Sanctions in Bupa Berwick

Service Provider: Bupa Aged Care Australia Pty Ltd

Sanctions and Notices to Agree

Status Status Archived
Sanction or Notice to Agree applied Sanction or Notice to Agree applied
1) The approved provider is not eligible to receive Commonwealth subsidies for any new care recipients at the service for a period of six months.
2) Revocation of approved provider status for a period of six months, unless the below conditions are undertaken
a) Appoint at their expense, an adviser to assist with complying with responsibilities in relation to care and services
b) To provide, at their expense, training for officers, employees and agents.  

Additional sanctions imposed on 19 March 2019:
1) Vary conditions to which the allocation of places are subject by requiring the provider to have the appropriate number of skilled and qualified staff in this services to ensure that services are delivered in accordance with the Accreditation Standards.
2) Suspend the allocation of all vacant places and will continue to take effect progressively at the specified services when each allocation place becomes vacant.
3) Revoke the vacant places if the services are closed.
Sanction or Notice to Agree date Sanction or Notice to Agree date 09/11/2018
Expiry date Expiry date 09/11/2019
Reason(s) for sanction or notice to agree Reason(s) for sanction or notice to agree

The department identified that there is an immediate and severe risk to the health, safety and wellbeing of care recipients at the service following information received from the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency.

There were critical deficiencies at the service contributing to serious and detrimental failings in several areas including:

Accreditation Standard 1: Management systems, staffing and organisational development

1.6 Human resource management

Accreditation Standard 2: Health and personal care

2.2 Regulatory compliance

2.7 Medication management

2.10 Nutrition and hydration

2.11 Skin care

2.12 Continence management

Additional failures of relevance to the decision to impose sanctions were:

1.1 Continuous improvement, 1.4 Comments and complaints 2.1 Continuous improvement, 2.3 Education and staff development, 2.4 Clinical care, 2.8 Pain management, 3.3 Education and staff development, 3.6 Privacy and dignity, 4.8 Catering, cleaning and laundry services.

Current status of service Current status of service

The Department and the Quality Agency are continuing to monitor the service.

A residents and relatives meeting was held on 23/11/2018

The advisor was appointed by the approved provider on 19/11/2018
On 08 May 2019 the Department extended the sanctions due to ongoing concerns identified at the service by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. The sanctions have been extended by 6 months and now expire on 09 November 2019.

The Department made a decision to lift the sanction, effective from 10 October 2019.