Notices of Non-compliance, Notices to Agree and Sanctions in Best in Care Australia

Service Provider: Revive and Replenish Pty Ltd

Non-Compliance Notices

Status Status Archived
Date notice sent Date notice sent 18/10/2019
Reason(s) for notice Reason(s) for notice

A notice of non-compliance was issued to the approved provider for failure to comply with their responsibilities under Part 4.1 (Quality of care), Part 4.2 (User rights) and Part 4.3 (Accountability) of the Aged Care Act 1997.


Details of non-compliance:

Part 4.1 – Quality of care, section 54-1(1)(h)

Part 4.2 – User rights, sections 56-2(b)(ii), 56-2(g), 56-2(k), 56-2(l), 62-1(b)

Part 4.3 – Accountability, section 63-1(a)

Outcome Outcome The Approved Provider has not remedied the non-compliance.
The Provider has been revoked as an Approved Provider of Aged Care, effective from 23 January 2020.