New features to My Aged Care website – December 2021

This page provides a list of the new features and major updates on the My Aged Care website in December.

A new homepage

New costs and fees content

Improved information about connecting with providers.

A new homepage

Changes in December have made it easier for you to start the process of accessing Australian Government-funded aged care.

A new homepage layout helps you find the information you need faster. It also has personalised links for different audiences. This includes people looking into aged care services, carers and family members, and health professionals.

Visit the homepage.

New costs and fees content

We published new information to help you understand how costs and fees work. This new content includes costed examples and visual diagrams.

The diagrams aim to make it easier to understand aged care costs and how you and the government contribute to these costs.

The costed examples allow you to see how others have worked out their costs and fees in similar situations.

Visit the Understanding Costs page.

Visit the Home Care Package costs and fees page.

Visit the Aged Care home costs and fees page.

Improved information about connecting with providers

We have enhanced the information about how to connect with aged care providers. This includes understanding your assessment decision and what to consider when selecting a provider.

Visit the What happens after assessment page.

Visit the What to consider page.

News and updates

For alerts on issues like COVID-19, information on new features coming to this website, important updates from the Australian Government about aged care, and more, visit our News and updates page.