Enter into a home care agreement - individualised budget

Your home care package budget

  • When a service provider offers you a home care package, they will need to work with you to develop an individual budget to fund your care plan.
  • The individual budget sets out the total amount of funds available under your home care package and how those funds will be allocated and spent.
  • Your service provider administers the home care package funds on your behalf.
  • Your home care package budget is made up of:
    • Australian Government subsidy (and eligible supplements)
    • the basic daily care fee
    • your maximum income tested care fee (if you’ve entered into Home Care after 1 July 2014) which you may need to pay based on your personal circumstances
    • any other amount you’ve agreed to pay for extra care or services, not covered in your package.
  • All care and services provided to you through a home care package must be within your package budget, unless you make more contributions.
  • Any unspent funds must be rolled over from month to month and year to year for as long as you remain in the package.

Monthly income and expenses statement

  • Once services begin, your service provider must give you monthly statements that show the charges to your home care package funds for care and services, charges made to your home care package by the service provider to cover administration and case management costs, and the unspent balance.
  • Talk to your service provider about how you want to receive your statement - paper, email or web-based version.



If you are currently receiving a home care package, go to managing your care for information to support you.

Last reviewed: 19 December, 2016.