3. Manage your services

Follow the pathway by clicking on the steps below to access and manage your services:

What to expect from service providers

Service providers will help support you to do as much as you can and help improve your quality of life at home.

They will provide services tailored to your needs and work together with you, your family, friends and carers.

Service providers will review your services every 12 months to make sure they continue to meet your needs.

Changing care needs

If your care needs change you may need to pay more for the cost of your care or be reassessed so that you can access extra services.

You can ask for a new assessment following the review of your support plan.

Your service provider or an assessor can review your support plan for:

  • the number of services you receive
  • the date for the next review or a date to finish the program if you are receiving short-term care
  • how well your support plan meets your needs.

If your care needs change significantly, your service provider should refer you to My Aged Care for another assessment.

You can also call the My Aged Care contact centre directly to discuss your changing care needs.

If you have increased or more complex care needs, you may need new services or a different type of aged care. This would be determined by a comprehensive assessment.

Extra services

If you need extra services, you can buy them through your existing provider. You may need to negotiate this with them.

You can also organise extra services yourself with other providers if your current provider is unable to deliver them.

Rights and responsibilities

To make sure you get the best care, the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities for Home Care provides information on how you and your provider should work together.

Your service provider should deliver your services in a way that meets the Home Care Standards.

You can ask your service provider for a copy of the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities for Home Care and the Home Care Standards. These documents list what is expected of Australian Government-funded home support aged care service providers.

Read more about your rights and responsibilities in home care.


If you have concerns about a service, try to talk to your service provider first. It may be something that can be easily resolved.

Your service provider should tell you how to make a complaint through their internal complaints handling process. You have the right to make a complaint without it affecting your care and services.

Sometimes complaints can’t be resolved by the service provider, or you might not feel comfortable raising your concern with them.

Read more about how to make a complaint.

Last reviewed: 25 February, 2018.