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Costa's story

Costa has been receiving help at home after his wife passed away. He has someone help with the cleaning and preparing meals.

Since Costa's wife passed away last year, he's had to get used to cooking and keeping the house tidy by himself. Although his kids help him with the food, they live far away and can only visit on weekends.

His doctor suggested he consider getting some help at home and passed on the phone number for My Aged Care. Costa called the number and found someone to come around and help him keep the place tidy and prepare a few meals.

He feels happier and more relaxed and even looks forward to his care worker's visits each week.

Costa's story:

  • Costa's doctor noticed that he was losing weight after his wife passed away. He gave Costa the phone number for My Aged Care, 1800 200 422, to find out about getting help at home with things like meals and cleaning.
  • The doctor also told Costa about some local community groups that he might like to join to meet new people.
  • The lady who started coming to Costa's house to help out noticed that he seemed a bit lonely, and put him in touch with support services so he had someone to talk to a bit more regularly.

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Last reviewed: 30 June, 2015.