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Alison's story

Alison lives in Western Sydney with her husband and her father. Her son Matthew lives overseas, while her daughter, Jane, lives in Sydney.

Jane has just had her second baby, but her husband left recently, so Alison spends a lot of time looking after her grandchildren as well as her dad. A neighbour who works for the local council suggested Alison look into day respite services for her father, where he can go to a centre and meet new people. Although Alison's father wasn't keen at first, he now enjoys it. It's only a couple of times a week and it means Alison can look after Jane's kids without worrying about her father at the same time.

Alison's story:

  • Alison and her neighbour were chatting about how busy Alison seems to be lately, caring for both her grandchildren and her father.
  • Alison's neighbour told her about respite care, where someone else could help look after her father from time to time while Alison looked after her grandchildren.
  • The neighbour also mentioned Alison could talk to a professional counsellor for support if she's ever feeling overwhelmed.
  • Alison and her father met with a local organisation and found out her father could go to day respite services at a nearby community centre.
  • A minivan comes to collect Alison's father from her home two mornings a week and drops him back off at the end of the day.
  • Alison found out she might also be eligible for a carer payment or allowance, since she spends nearly full-time hours caring and doesn't have time to work another job.

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Last reviewed: 30 June, 2015.