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Alex's story

Alex is looking into power of attorney and guardianship requirements in case his son needs to make medical, lifestyle or financial decisions in the future.

Alex has Parkinson's disease. Recently, he started noticing his symptoms getting worse. Knowing he needed to do something, he spoke to his specialist who suggested Alex start thinking about the future.

Although Alex didn't want to think about it, he realised it would take a lot of stress off both him and his family if he made plans for the future now. Together with his son, Alex looked online and found information about who could help him if he eventually needed someone to manage his affairs or make medical decisions. It's made life a lot easier for Alex and his family, knowing more about their options and the next steps they need to take.

Alex's story:

  • Alex's specialist talked with him about the future and recommended that he speak to his family now about how they could help.
  • The specialist suggested that Alex consider arranging a power of attorney for his son or someone else he trusted, so that they could do things like sign documents or help out with banking on Alex's behalf.
  • Alex and his son, Mitch, looked for information online. They also found out about guardianship and administration requirements in case Mitch one day needs to be able to make medical, lifestyle or financial decisions that his father is no longer capable of making.

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Last reviewed: 30 June, 2015.