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Preparing to move

Once you have been offered a place in an aged care home, you can start preparing to move. The following checklist includes people or organisations you might want to tell about your move and give your new address to. There may also be others you’ll need to inform, for example if you are still maintaining a home.

Who should I tell about my move?

Family and friends

  • your family
  • your friends
  • your carer/s
  • your neighbours.

Health professionals

  • your doctor
  • other health professionals you see regularly
  • your community nurse
  • your pharmacist.

If you need to change doctors, you can ask to have your medical history sent to your new doctor. It’s also a good idea to make a note of your current medical treatments and medication so you can discuss this with your new aged care home as part of your care plan.

Current help at home support

  • your gardener or lawn mowing person
  • your cleaner or home help
  • Meals on Wheels and other support services
  • your home care package provider.

Government departments and authorities

If you’re a pensioner or part-pensioner, your financial circumstances might change, for example, if you pay a bond. If this happens, advise the Department of Veterans’ Affairs or Department of Human Services so they can update your income and asset details.

Finances and insurance

  • your health insurance company
  • your superannuation company
  • your bank, building society or credit union.


  • your local post office
  • other aged care homes you’ve applied for, if you no longer wish to move there (although you might choose to keep your application open if you’re still interested).

What can I bring with me?

Your aged care home will already have most of the furniture and furnishings, such as beds, chairs, wardrobe, curtains and carpets. Ask the home what you can bring with you, as each home has its own guidelines.

Will I have help moving in?

  • When you move, it might be a good idea to come at a quiet period of the day so the staff have more time to help you settle in. Ask your aged care home when the best time is. Your family members, carer, or a friend may like to come with you and stay for a bit while you become more familiar with the place.
  • Make sure you meet with the manager of your aged care home. Let them know if you need any help settling in. If you need any support, they should have information about services such as counselling or 'buddy systems' so you can settle in comfortably.

Once you are living in your aged care home, read more about managing your care and services.

Last reviewed: 29 January, 2018.