Changes to Aged Care

The Australian Government is implementing a range of aged care reforms in response to the growing population of older people and the challenges facing the current aged care system.

The reforms seek to create a better system to give older people more choice, more control and easier access to a full range of aged care services. 

The reforms will help deliver:

  • more choices for people to stay at home longer
  • more choices for carers to access respite and support such as counselling
  • more aged care homes and support for homes in regional, rural and remote areas
  • fairer means testing to work out what each person pays for aged care services 
  • a stronger aged care workforce
  • more advocacy options for consumers
  • more aged care places for Indigenous Australians
  • targeted help for veterans with mental health problems
  • a new Dementia Supplement to assist with the costs of caring for people with a cognitive impairment in their home and those with severe behavioural and psychological symptoms in aged care homes, improved support for people with dementia in hospital and primary care, and an increased focus on people with younger onset dementia and measures to reduce the time between symptoms and diagnosis
  • training for aged care staff to be sensitive to the needs of diverse groups
  • a new Aged Care Gateway to help older Australians find and access the services they need
  • a single body responsible for the accreditation and quality review of aged care and home care services
  • stronger controls to handle consumer complaints.

More information is available on the Aged Care reforms, on the Department of Social Services website.